Last updated: November 30, 2017

I am…

  • looking forward to seeing the completed illustrated copies of the books I wrote for an educational company in China (soon!).
  • prepping to write several more books for the company in China.
  • waiting to hear back on a book I submitted to a publisher a last month.
  • polishing a young chapter book (potentially part of a series).
  • homeschooling and raising our seven children.
  • slowly learning how to speak Korean.
  • refining a book I’m writing and illustrating to raise money for a charity I have deep respect for.
  • preparing for Christmas. 🙂
  • preparing lessons to teach 5-year-olds every Sunday at church.
  • helping my husband bounce ideas around as he creates modular, hybrid biology courses for the university he teaches for.



(Thank you Benjamin Hardy and Derek Sivers for this page idea.)