Here will be a clear accounting of the charity funds earned and donated through the sale of Kambrya Pettit’s charity books. Everything is done on a separate account, kambryapettitcharity, to make sure it is clear that ALL proceeds (after taxes and amazon take their cuts) go to Operation Underground Railroad.


April 2, 2018 (Just after “soft opening” so no $ coming in yet from Amazon – account info chopped to avoid crooks 🙂 ) :

August 2, 2018 – O.U.R. ‘s website had a weird glitch with my original charity email address. I was trying to work it out (thus the length between the last posting and this), but I finally gave up and made a new OUR account to send in the royalties money from Ursula the Ugly Unicorn:

Direct deposits from Amazon:








September 7, 2018:









December 8, 2018